A rock concert to save the planet? or kill it?

Has everyone heard about this Live Earth Concert, sporting names like the Police, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers? As organized by Al Gore in 7 cities around the world, and meant raise awareness of global warming and climate change. So then you have all the attendees driving and flying to get there, having all their trash handy too, and only to listen to a bunch of celebrities talk about something so complex that they really have no idea what in the world they are talking about! Sounds like this should do more harm to the planet then good for it, but that's the opinion of this undergraduate meteorology major. Tell me, what do you think about this Live Earth Concert on Saturday, July 7th, 2007? Harmful or Helpful?

Al Gore is a FRAUD! He consumes 10X the household energy than the average American and preaches about global warming!

Some people said the energy used during these concerts will be from renewable sources. PLEASE tell me how that is guaranteed? Did they change the power source for Giants Stadium just for this?

Don't believe these snake oil salespeople..

Al Bore is a FRAUD!
Again, looking at this in a negative, instead of the positive it could do.

Yes, most of the attendees at the concert will not be "green", but the event is meant to raise awareness of the dangers we are doing to our planet. Would you rather we did nothing, or did something that will hurt a little, but make a change?

Also, most of the people involved are doing their part to raise awareness, and drive more ecologically made cars (as does Al Gore). No one's perfect, and no event will be perfect, but at least it's trying do do something. Better than doing nothing at all.
You know, stormsister, you have a point I never really thought about...

I think the concert idea has merit - in theory, one would think that it would be a cool way to get the word out to the masses...

However, like you said - the gas, the trash...and one has to pause and think: are these attendees people who would understand the complex nature of what is being discussed? Would they even care?

The concerts themselves? Just how green are they gonna run? I mean - practice what you preach...are they gonna run these concerts with the best interest of the Earth in mind?

Are they selling hemp or organic cotton tees? Are they using recycled paper, soy inks? Will there be recycle bins? Will they encourage folks to bring food and drink from home, in reusable containers? Or are they gonna sell things by companies who don't give a rats butt about the Earth -and their factories contribute to the problem minute by minute?

Or are the the attendees only there for the entertainment - too stoned to remember much?

Or did they just come for the prestige of being able to say "I care about the planet - I went to Live Earth"...

The money put forth in the concert series (and the energy consumed) could be used for better things...

My vote would be harmful
Concerts occur whether or not Gore is involved. You anti-Gore puds find everything possible to complain about. If this concert raises awareness and raises money then it is good.
You are either part of the solution or you are the problem. You decide.
I say harmful. That is politics for you. Politics is all about power and persuading people to agree with you any way you can. And make no mistake, these concerts are political and not scientific or environmental events.
I've answered a similar question in another post recently but I feel the need to answer it again here.

You can read the policies for liveearth here: http://www.liveearth.org/green_policy.ph...

Of course you can always find reasons for NOT doing something like this. One of the biggest reasons may be that many people, especially those who doesn't believe that humans causes global warming, loves to see other people's short comings in this aspect and point them out. Don't take this personal, I don't know how you are. (Hmmm... strange, if someone has a reason to be upset, it should be those who DO believe in emission of CO2 causing climate change).

Like I said, you can always find reasons against an event like this, but at least they are doing something. Their intentions are good and they do try to help people make the right (travel) decisions. http://liveearth.org/?p=82.
Global Warming is political extremist propaganda.
The average mass of the atmosphere is about 5,000 trillion metric tons (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/earth's_atm... idea that humanity could have any effect on something so vast is absurd, humanity will outgrow the surface area and starve to death first.
I'll watch it.its better than the re-runs.
I won't send a dime tho.
That money has a habit of disappearing
before it gets to its destination.
A rock concert may bring the message to some people but not others. Some just want to listen to music. But it maybe harmful if the people there don't have respect for the earth and just throw their garbage on the floor. It also is harmful from the people who are driving because of the gas. It sprays a lot of pollution into the air. If the weather in all 7 cities was really high that means most of the people drove. Specially the Limos!

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