Anyone know of recycling site for items no longer required although still in clean and working condition.?

sell them/donate them to charity shops
have you tried to contact the non-profit charitable organizations in your area, sometimes they have a great need for donations to run their essential services, or someone moving out of the shelter system(with nothing)could use it.or you could put it out in the front of your house/apt with a sign on it advertising it for free(until garbage pick up day)..or you could sell it..good luck
look on here there will be a group in your area
yes of course !!put them on freecycle
If it is items like newspapers, separated garbage, such as, plastic bottles etc..., there is a recycling center off of Hwy 273 in Mt. Holly.
freecycle or craiglist's "free" section.

Or put it on the curb with a free sign on it. If that doesn't work change the sign to $50 and someone will steal it within hours.
Try going to . There may be a group already started for your area and it's a great way to find/get rid of things that are no longer needed. I've used the one for my area quite a few times with GREAT results!

they are by area and location and people will come to you to pick up the items.

it is a great, wonderful place, helps those in need and gets rid of items you have no need to store anymore but are still useful to some one else.
1. Yes on the - I've passed lots of stuff on that way.
2 .Try your local craigslist free section
3. Some other sites:
donate to a thrift store,get receipt and take off your taxes

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