Is coca cola caustic?

"caustic" is a strong base, coke is acidic (the opposite of caustic). Bored at work is correct, it is carbonic acid ... formed by carbonic gas mixing with water.

Do you know what Carbonic gas is? CO2

Do you know what carved most of the great caves of the work? Weak carbonic acid in the water flowing through little cracks in the rocks over millions of years and dissolving away the rock surfaces.

If you ever take a tour of Mammoth caves in Kentucky, the largest cave system in the world, you'll be told:

"Rain water, acidified by carbon dioxide in the soil seeped downward through cracks in the limestone and began to dissolve and create the labyrinth of passages we know as Mammoth Cave." (see link)

Now you can tell all your friends "Coca-Cola carves caves!"
no, it's slightly acidic (carbonic acid)
no but the sin of this world is eating away at the souls of men and woman.
hell yes! put rusty nails in coke 4 2 days nd c 4 ur self
Sometime ago a friend put a piece of rubber hose in a bottle of Pepsi and left it for three days. The rubber hose almost melted from the caustic acid action. I believe Coke would do the same thing. Even more if used everyday.
yeh acidic
Nope but you will feel some sort of burning sensation when you're drinking it. Maybe it's b'coz the acidic reaction in our body.
nope carbonated and citric acid.

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