Do you think big foot is real?

i have seen him but my sis dosn't belive me

hm,lots of sarcasm,lol,anything is possible,we've found many new species and others thought to be extinct,however,there is no GENUINE proof of big foot,none,all can be debunked,millions would go to anyone with REAL proof,you could name your own price for it

You saw some ordinary animal or person and mistook it for Bigfoot.
Yes, and he's made out of cabon and his name is Al Gore.

He's called Big Foot because he leaves such a huge carbon footprint.

He also has HUGE pants because he's a fat-***.
Well, if you saw one, keep a camera handy, seen em once they'll show up again.
Check for sign (poop) or footprints, any fur left on bushes or trees or strong smells, pets acting strange, wildlife sounds or strangely quiet?
If you go looking, make plenty of noise, nothing worse than a spooked Squatch!
Is Sasquatch real...yep.
yes he is real i have also seen him
Yeah, and I would like to know what his carbon foot print is.
keep a camera with u! maybe u'll see him again! i'd like to believe in it!
Of course not.
sure he's real he lives with santa claus most of the year that's why people rarely see him

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