How can we save our ozone from being polluted?

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By completely eliminating the CFC,not using some of the fridges.Those are the main responsible for the deteriorating of the ozone.
Carbon molecules from the vehicular pollution, do interact with 2 oxygen molecules to perform oxidation. Thus ozone layer gets thinner day by day. It allows ultra violet rays to penetrate thro' atmospheric layer causing harm to us. To avoid this pollution must be controlled and also Green House effect must be minimised.
The 'greenhouse effect' can be greatly limited by revamping the capitalistic societies that rule by economics, rather than ethics and common sense. Most of the gases that eat through the ozone are a product of consumerism. For ex. all people were driving hybrid cars would greatly reduce the amount of pollution that is eating a whole in the ozone. However, if all people started driving hybrid cars, the petrol industry would be in shock as would the automobile industry. A shock to these two systems would greatly affect the economy. Goverments like those in the US are not going to let that happen because they have no solution to repair an economy that changes. They therefore strive to lead conservative nations that do not progress with the times. This is one small example. Most production plants are releasing CO2 as well. Making them revamp their practices to cut down on the emissions would cost them a lot of money and therefore reduce their political contributions. Vicious cycle as you can see. In the end no one really wins and all the money will eventually be washed away by the melting glaciers.

There is scientific evidence that the whole in the ozone layer will start to repair itself if there is a reduction in these gases that eat through it. The best thing you can do to lessen the greenhouse effect therefore is to vote for politicians and leaders that are concerned with the problem and are working for solutions.
it's because of using refigerators the cfc's come out and they have made a hole in the ozone.
By keeping our surroundings clean for 24 hours of the day & 12 months of the year. further, you can also prevent pollution by planting more & more trees.
u can start that from u.
means advise to all who are
very good people
to dont use van, two whillerwho has
from run from petrol. stopping the use of air coolers and refrigirators bicoz they contain CFCs which destroy the ozone layer.
I am not sure what you mean by the ozone being polluted.
Ozone in the atmosphere is created primarily by lightning affecting the O2 molecule. Apparently the 'ozone hole' over the poles are not a problem any more. The media hardly has any talk about it for several years now.
CO2 in the upper atmosphere is produced primarily by JET engines. Burning kerosene above the clouds by the jet engines has been increasing for the past 40 or so years. The CO2 has been increasing for the past 40 years or so according to Mr. Gore. Coincidence? Nature has no efficient system to get rid of CO2 in the upper atmosphere. Jet engines burn 2-5 tons of fuel per hour. There are thousands of hours of jet traffic every day around the earth. Each ton of fuel burned produces 3.66 tons of CO2 and 1.56 tons of H2O.
Ozone is highly reactive so it may well connect with CO2 somehow. I have not heard much addressing that area.
Ozone does react with methane(CH4) to form CO2 and H2O.
help the world by joining a fair and sensible organization - who had warned us all about the current problems over 15 years ago!
1)Use battery operated cars
2)Plant more trees
3)Stop smoking
4)Strictly enforce desulphurisation of flue gas for all coal fired power plants
5)Stop all aeroplanes and use high speed ships for travel in between countries.With in a country allow only rail ways.
Then live healthy
uh, stop pollution. :)) Don't do or make things that can destroy or pollute our ozone layer. :>
Too late. The new and wonderful aerosol spray cans of 1927, modified
for greater use by 1947, and again in 1949, and then yet bettered in 1953,
helped to create a hole in our earths ability to safely keep its oxygen cycle.
(By the way we still make and use them.) Pollutants, pesticides, car
emissions, space travel (although there is no proof I can find on this being a cause.), air plane emissions, and the list goes on and on. So one might want to ask if anyone knows how to cause a reverse effect on the ozones big black hole?

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