Are they growing "yellow WATERMELLONS" on the moon?

are they growing fruit on the moon?

no, but there is a type of watermelon called
"moon and stars"

The Moon and Stars variety of watermelon has been around since at least the 1930s. The rind is purple/black and has many small yellow circles (stars) and one or two large yellow circles (moon). The melon weighs 20-50 lbs.The flesh is pink or red and has brown seeds.

legendary watermelon on Merle Van Doren’s farm near Macon, Missouri, where it had been brought from Tennessee. The early history of Moon and Stars is unknown. Henry Fields (Shenandoah, Iowa) and Robinson Seed Co. (Waterloo, Nebraska) both were offering it during the 1930s. The medium-sized oval dark green fruits are covered with pea-sized bright yellow "stars" and usually one larger "moon." The fruits have sweet pink flesh and brown seeds.
only yellow fruit and veggies.

its almost fall harvest time! yea!

For plants to grow there has to be an atmosphere with both oxygen and CO2 in it. They grow best with lots of CO2.

There has to be good light, and not too long period of darkness. And the temperature must be in the narrow range for complex life. yellow watermelons on the moon until we pay for and build a moon colony...then yeah, probably huge ones could be grown.
are u normal?

YELLO FRUIT? ON MOON nottin can grow in moon and eaven if it can it is only a yellow sweetcorn and lemons
nothing grows on the moon
only rocks
No, but they are growing LEMOONS,do you know that there are people on the moon?...They are called MOONSTERS, of course there are stones and they are called MOONSTONES, there is also a river, guess what? its called MOONRIVER and in that moonriver, there are fish too, they are called SALMOON. I have a friend there, his name is Ramon
yellow watermelons are my favorite food. I might move to the moon if they grow them there.
No!!! Where did you get that crazy idea! You can't exactly grow anything on the moon because there is no carbon dioxide for it to breath. there would be plenty of sunlight though!

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