Global Warming movie?

With all the tension around the world on this topic, I wonder who will be the first to make a Global Warming comedy?

I think Laurie David (wife of Larry David) and producer of Gore's movie does a comedy series on the topic. She encourages any and all conversations on the topic.
an inconvenient truth
good question! i think that if the media exploited environmental needs as much as they exploit who Paris Hilton is dating the world would be different!
The Day After Tommorow
Where is Monty Python when you need them?
I think it might star paris hilton and the person who salves us all heroically would be samual jackson
The IPCC already has a script...a regular laugh riot!
I don't know but do you think they can get Harry Hill to review it?
Have to agree with the others who said The Day After Tomorrow - it was meant to be a comedy wasn't it?

Here's some others, apart from South Park they're all a minute or two long...

From Earth To America - Will Ferrel impersonates George Bush talking about global warming

South Park - Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow

Montage of George Bush images related to global warming

Polar Bear taking steps to reduce the effects of global warming

Alan Partridge promoting the Norfolk Broads, England

Ali G talking about the environment

Not a movie but some unexpected benefits of global warming
Starring Shakira
I hope
she is about the hottest singer on the planet

With Sheen playing AlGore
and Jim Carey to play Bush

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