Are people in this forum really interested in learning about climate change?

It seems that many here have come to conclusions about the subject. Why then do they continue to ask questions about it?

People can't understand why the opposition to their conclusion believe the way they do. They feel like if they keep asking questions that people will search for answers and maybe they will find the piece of evidence that will change their conclusion.

Personally, I have a very open mind, plus I am a huge fan of energy conservation. I understand that the people that say Global Warming is man made are either wrong or are at the very least over exaggerating, but at the same time, I would like to see systems put in place that increase overall efficiency and new technology that utilizes free energy, like geothermal heating and cooling and wind power for instance. I think we all can agree on those things.
Often questions will involve providing evidence for or against anthropogenic global warming, which answerers will analyze and give their opinions about. Personally I've come to the conclusion that humans are the primary cause of the current global warming, but I'm perfectly capable of changing my mind if somebody provides evidence otherwise.

For example, if a new study shows that cosmic rays are a much larger cause and thus human greenhouse gas emissions are a much lesser cause of global warming than previously thought, that would change my mind. Thus just because people have come to a conclusion doesn't mean they're incapable of changing that conclusion if sufficiently persuaded otherwise.
There are some who cling to beliefs in spite of evidence, and some who present evidence without regard to people's beliefs.

Truth is the intersection of Knowledge (proof) and belief (acceptance). Try a browser search for the term "Epistemology". Here's a link to start you off.
Certainly some people have come to their own conclusions and regardless as to what questions are asked and what answers are provided it isn't going to change their minds.

Others are more open minded and look at the evidence before making thier minds up. Those that retain an open mind learn the most because they take on board all aspects, not just those that conform to their own beliefs.

There are some who keep a closed mind but ask questions in order to substantiate thier own viewpoint, in order to do so they'll accept as proof anything they agree with and dismiss as junk anything they don't agree with.

Then of course there are people asking genuine questions in search of genuine answers. It's just a shame that they get answered by some of the close-minded people who fail to give accurate or objective answers.
I hope it is all the time different people who keep asking the same questions
but if they really wanted to know they should scan the thousands of answers that have been given already with out loosing points

I am beginning to believe it is mostly a kind of self gratification they just want to hear somebody say
yes you are right i agree you clever intelligent skeptic ,and then they have some kind of mental(i hope) orgasm

If it is the same people .boy than this world really is in trouble

But i guess we are anyway
Attitudes can save us or kill us
so rest in peace
I don't ask questions here I have only come to enlighten and point out the foolishness of those that are falling for Al's little money making ploy and fear mongering in order to gain more power and influence for himself, and from the looks of things I am badly needed here.

The answers post by the user, for information only, does not guarantee the right.

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