How does Global Warming affect Singapore?

I am a future environmentalist who is concerned about the earth. Please be as detailed as possible! Thanks.

As a up and coming "future environmentalist" I think you should be more concerned about feeding your family, by the time you hit the job market, Gore will have made such a joke out of all environmental issues, that no one will take ANY environmentalist serious, except as a threat to the REAL working people.
In approximately 200 years Singapore will be renamed Singapore-nomore, because it will be desert and no rainfall for years. The heat will kill all the germs in Germany and it will be called Harmony. France will still be France: Full of itself no matter what the state of its environment. The Middle East will be an oasis - much like the Islands of Hawaii and the reigning religion will be Christianity and Brotherly Love and Islam will be a long forgotten religion because it was turned into a mean religion of killing and that would not be good for tourism. America - the chosen land, will continue to be arrogant, elegant, educated, tasteful, lovely to live in, generous, blessed and all such good stuff. England will be annexed to Maine and will cease to exist as America brings it on as just another colony. Cuba will be the nightclub capital of the world, although it will be underground and very comfortable. Those of us alive now could not care less about any of this.
well i don't really agree with ALWAYS GOTTA KNOW. i think that because singapore (which is an island) is relatively low-lying (though still above sea-level) , once the glaciers at the poles melt, Singapore would be half-submerged. If this coincides with the monsoon season in which there would be heavy rainfall, I think the posibility of Singapore disappearing under the ocean is very real. however, I am not very sure when will this happen. It really depends on how fast the glaciers heat up (meaning how fast the earth heats up)

by the way, in case you were wondering about T.Bubbles' question singapore is not in the earthquake-prone zone but may be suspectible to tsunamis if the direction from which it came and the magnitude of the earthquake that caused the tsunami is right.
Global warming effects everyone. A better name for it is extreme climate change because some parts are getting colder. In places in Africa it is supposed to be the dry season, instead it is raining and flooding! That is just one of the many examples around the world. As for Singapore, you should research how high (or low) it is above sea level, if it is generally in a tsunami/earthquake zone, stuff like that.

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