Anybody believe or think there is a chance with global warming that florida and coastal areas will be under?

water , if things continue the way they are with the use of greenhouse gases, in the next 100 years or so? if so, since we will all be dead by then, do you worry that you will lose all value on your property in coastal areas?

big chance
ask Trevor he got numbers
Holland will really be in trouble
you cant keep raising the dykes forever
they get anoyed
and there is still a lot of water gonna come of the South Pole and green land
Maybe you start farming rubber ducks if you live down there
no. in a hundred years ill be way dead. but the rising of the oceans might happen sooner so i worry. even though i dont live in a ocean bordering state. my hometown is one.
if global warming the same as it is doing now then in a hundred years florida will be gone underwater and unless people can adapt and live underwater and i dont think propperty costs will be anything to worry about. so stop global warming today!
yep, you will be under water. sell you coastal property now while it still has value. I live in Wisconsin and we will be closer to the ocean then.
100% for sure, melting in artic causes higher sea levels so florida with a low elevation will be an under water adventure.
if those projected maps are right i will then own ocean front property. Yea for me
I believe there is a chance we will see areas like Miami damaged by sea level rise. Hopefully the city will be able to recover. I would not want to own coastal property there. We need to prepare for the future generations by adapting and planning.
Not a chance.

The IPCC is the leading authority on Global Alarmism. If anything, they are likely to present something closer to a worst case scenario.

They say 8 inches to 2 feet in the next 100 years.
3DM has it right..the "top authority" the UN Intergovernmental whatever alarmist panel. says the WORSE CASE is 2 feet in 100 years, and 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

2 feet.

2 degrees.

100 years

Oh, and by the way to the poster about the Arctic melting:
The ice cap is already floating...if it melts there is no change ...well actually a small reduction in sea level but lets not quibble....


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