Are there any occupations in the field of saving and improving the health of the environment? going green?

any occupations that help lower pollution and energy use and help the world be a healthier place?

There are a number of occupations available to you if you have the qualifications.

One of the most important qualifications is a solid scientific background.

At the very least you must have at least one year of Freshman College level Chemistry for Chemistry majors. The Chemistry for non majors is not good enough.

You also must have one year of Freshman level Physics for Physics majors. The classes for non majors are not good enough.

Next you must have at least on year of upper division Organic Chemistry. Again this must be the class for Chemistry majors.

This must be the upper division class not the lower division class and it must not be the class for non majors.

Next you must have at least one year of upper division Physical Chemistry. Again for Chemistry majors, not the class for non majors.

I also strongly recommend that you have at least one year of Calculus for Mathematics and Engineering majors. Again not the class for non majors.

These are the minimal requirements for a good basic education in the sciences that you will use as in the environmental field.

There are many other classes in Biochemistry, Biophysics,
Biology, Botany, Plant Physiology and Zoology that will be useful to you as well.

If you will get these basics as part of your education you will find many job openings available to you.

Many people who are interested in working in the environmental field neglect to take these classes and they find themselves severely crippled later on because they do not have the basic education that they need.
hm... maybe enviornmental engineering... im sure there you could help make things and stuff that are better for the enviornment.
Of course. You could be a scientist, researching the intricate relationships with an ecosystem. You could be an environmental consultant, getting paid well to help companies meet EPA standards and reduce their ecological footprint.

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