Anecdotes, stories about passing nature onto kids?

I'm a writer working on a project on how kids are introduced or "turned on" to nature nowadays. I'm particularly interested because of a few factors. Richard Louv's recent book "Last Child in the Woods" expresses his concern that kids today are growing up without exposure to nature, and makes a good argument for doing so. Current environmental issues today need multigenerational solutions, so this will only become more troublesome as the next few generations mature. And most of all, I have a son now, and it's darn fun to get him involved in nature. It got me thinking: books like Louv's do a great job arguing for getting kids back into the natural world, but they don't much talk about how it's done. I want to talk to people who are really, totally, uniquely passionate about doing this in diverse locations, with exciting or inspirational stories of how you (or someone else) pass the world and passion for it onto kids. Think Steve/Bindi Irwin, etc. Anyone out there willing to correspond?

I grew up as a girlscout. Honestly, that is the only way I know anything about nature. Throughout my life I've lost touch with everything natural, and until recently I was completely blinded by technology and everything introduced nowadays. I took an Astronomy course and it completely opened my eyes. People are not going to change. The majority of the population of the world only sees in black and white, not in a racial sense, but in a lack of detail sense.. I have a friend who has been raised to only see the structures, and the big picture. It was him, and the Astronomy class that have completely made me realize that everone has lost touch, but you can show people, simply by showing an interest in certain things.
Check out Joseph Cornell. He has several good books and a wonderful website. I've met him in a group setting where we did some of the activities he recommends -- all adults in our group, mind you -- and he was great, the group had a blast.

Other than that, I've been a naturalist for years and used to do tours for kids. You find out their interests, let them share what they know -- and they know a lot nowadays -- and build on that by getting them out to cool places and exploring them together.
I grew up the child of a hippie Mom so I was a part of the first Earth Day in 1970. I have a photo of my Mom, brothers and myself, carrying signs saying "Earth Day" and stuff like that and we picked up trash from the roads. My grandparents owned (my mom and her brothers/sisters now own) almost 100 acres in the Catskill Mountains in NY and I grew up walking the stream running thru it, rebuilding the dams and stone walls, cleaning it out after spring flooding and so on.

I now work as the Hazardous Waste Manager in an Environmental Flight for an Air Force I suppose I am passing it on. My son took Environmental Science in his Sophomore year and adored it. I'll add the link to his high school Environmental Center since it's wonderful and gives the kids great exposure to nature. My son just graduated and is trying to decide whether he wants to major in Drama/Theatre or Marine Biology in college. I'm kind of hoping he goes for the Marine Biology but it has to be his choice.
with texts give the animals characters but not human ones .stick to them being different
and try to weave a story that gets kids emotionally involved

I have made a garden and we got baby crocodiles ,turtles fish iguanas in the trees and at least 20 species of visiting birds .some rabbits and a wild boar
two pythons on the loose ,

and we get kids everyday who come to visit
the only and best way i think is exposure, close up encounter and background instruction as to the purpose of the animal its function in the eco systems and what happens if they are gone .
Nature films are a must
and there are some briliant ones around

Point out that global environmental destruction is already happening
and their kids will have few examples of Nature left
Check what they are planning for the production of ethanol
it will make you cry if you love Nature;...

Steve Irwin was a star in bringing the animals close to the people ,he was a big loss for Nature and the people who love it
My husband grew up going to Lake Spavinaw in Oklahoma. Just below the dam is a park that you can camp. We have three children and we wanted to make sure they knew the wonders of our country, so we have often taken them to this same spot that he too went to as a child. A few summers ago, we purchased inexpensive goggles and snorkel equipment. The kids were not very good swimmers and the water was not deep. They loved it! They would put on the snorkel gear and spend hours looking under the water at all that was hidden.

They would also see the wold animals across the stream and around the area and we discussed how important it was to let them keep the little freedom they had.

One amazing part about the snorkeling is that by the end of our trip, all three kids could swim under water almost like pros. They really didn't know what they were doing, but the fascination with nature taught them to swim.
it is the passionate of the kid that have story,their expression of their life and concern their life

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