Are there groups in UAE that volunteer to plant trees?

I have a goal to plant a specific number of trees each year, this year am spending the whole of it in this nation, and am seeking to know of a group that is involved intree planting so that through it , I can plant some trees. Help me please with information, my hands are itching for some seedlings to plant

Is it really worth it considering the quantity of water you need to plant them ?

Water in the UAE come from desalinization which is energy intensive. I believe you would emitt more CO2 to produce the water necessary than you would store by forestry.

As such it seems like an irational and energy-intensive hobby.

It would globally have a negative impact on the environment.

There are just so many urgent things we have to do than make golf course in the desert look more "green"
If you are in the UAE and want to plant trees, you would be better off sending money to a charity to buy trees to plant in a climate where trees can grow. In the UAE, the only way for planted trees to survive is with water, which either comes from dwindling groundwater supplies or desalination plants. So planting trees is not the solution needed in the UAE. Instead, fencing parts of the desert to keep it free from camel predation, or parts of the mountains to keep the goats out, would result in some natural plant growth. Put your efforts into those directions, or into public transit initiatives rather tree planting in the UAE, which will have environmental costs instead of helping the environment.

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