What is the process of making the solar cells from sand ?

what are the steps required to produce a solar cell from the sand ?
can anyone tell me how it will go if im intrested in such industry , where to start from , whom to contact , and so on ..
thnx 4 ur help.

The above is correct, but I will try to summarize.

First make an ultra pure crystal of silicon, which can use sand as the first raw material in a very long, complex process.

Then infuse tiny amounts of certain impurities, like phosphorous, into certain places in the silicon to make a pattern of different areas with different impurities. This takes expensive high temperature equipment.

Then vacuum deposit a pattern of thin layers of metal, like aluminum, onto the pattern of impurities to pick up the electrons.

Then connect very fine wires to that aluminum layer to take the electricity out for use. These wires are usually made of gold.

Make hundreds of these and connect them all together to make a solar panel.

There are also some new technologies that use other methods, but they either produce less electricity or are even more difficult to manufacture.
It's almost the same process as making integrated circuits and they're made from silicon and not sand. It's very complex and can't be described here.

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