Are recycling and other green initiatives really saving the planet?

Or are they just the biggest pile of hokum and a way that governments can introduce stealth taxes?


Recycling is probably not saving the planet, who am I to say. My stay on this planet is insignificant to the life of mother Earth. I do believe that recycling certain materials can only benefit the life of the planet. Metal, in it's various forms, is dug out of the ground. It makes sense to re-use what we have already on the surface than use huge machines tunneling through the land to retrieve more. Glass is another commodity that can be re-used. As for garden waste, grass cuttings trees and the like, if we weren't here, would it not take care of itself?
Plastics and most other man made materials take huge resources to recycle and you have to ask the question, is it really worth it?
Instead of having thousands of bin lorries running around collecting the recyclables everyday and charging us for the favour, could we not try letting people take their items for recycling and paying them. They've done that in scrapyards for how many years now.
However I am totally against fly tipping as that's just not right.
Yes, they help. Recycling reduce need of getting new materials.
Besides, how would they get some secret taxes from recycling? If anything, they would get less taxes.

One ton of recycled aluminum requires 20X less energy than to produce a new one !

Ok I understand that in the US you have much higher distances to collect the recyclable goods than we do
Well, let's put it this way: They sure as Hell aren't hurting the planet!
They are helping a bit,The big polluters are killing the planet also cutting he rain forest down to grow palm oil is not helping either.China is the problem now.
Probably not saving the planet, but could help save energy and natural resources when it is cost effective. I think the main problem is that it has not been cost effective in many areas, so it has not been very effective.

A good example is an older home in bad shape. Sometimes it is much more cost effective to tear it down and rebuild it. This can't be best for the planet, but what is the owner to do?
well it would help to reduce the waste of oil, and the needless cutting down of the rainforest to make paper, but it was discovered our local council just dump most of their "recycled" skips at the same tip as everything else so it's a complete waste of time!!
I truely believe that everytime y ou recycle something that can be made into something else you are saving the planet.
No, they most certainly do not. go to
I think it just helps keep are water and earth cleaner but i don't think its really doing anything its mostly thing that burn toxic fuels that destroy the OZONE LAYER.also 1000 aluminum caps of pop can make a wheel chair.
"Reduce, reuse, and recyle" is a mantra supporting the status quo.
But worse than this, in lumping these three environmental actions all together (so nicely as three Rs), we create the illusion that they all carry equal weight as environmental action. And nothing could be further from the truth--one ounce of reducing is worth 50 trillion tons of recycling and reusing.
The short answer to your question--not a chance. The unimaginable mindset today is consume (for the sake of status) or be ridiculed.
No. More "activity," regardless of what it is is only "bad" (polluting) activity now, within the present global population and consumption context.
REDUCING all consuming and all activity is the only way out from here!
It does cost us money but it does help us out.

They are now developing plastics from corn and soy and different things that can bio-degrate, So instead of waiting 150000 years for plastic made of oil and petroleum to break down, these new processes can break down in 180 days.
Hell they are even building cars out of the stuff.

now thats good news
i don't think enough has been done.

However i think there are a lot of people trying to make money out of it.
If you have your family's carbon footprint worked out on one of the many websites around, you will be asked if you'd like to offset some of the CO2 by giving money for reforestation or for hydropower stations in 3rd world countries, personally i think its a con
Do you have any clue what dumping the stuff into the environment would do??
Well, no, it's just slowing down the process of destroying the planet at the moment but with a bit of refinement it can be a
major step away from our profligate waste of the planets resources. Your concerns over your fleet of lorries are justified and well put. Fortunately, you are perfectly placed to do something about it. Here are a few out of the box suggestions:

1/ Use horse drawn carts.

2/ Convert all your existing vehicles to run on vegetable oil (there's a chap in Southampton with a neat system that he will fit for £500 a throw), then use reclaimed chip fat to power them thus becoming carbon neutral (do not use palm oil as that is mostly grown by cutting down the rainforests for extra plantations).

3/ Use human drawn carts (you would need to employ a few more people but you would save on fuel, oil, coolant, tyres, maintenance, enormous and expensive trucks, HGV drivers...).

4/ Switch over to steam power and use surplus paper gathered on the round to fuel the furnace (I hear that much paper and card sent for recycling ends up being incinerated any way).

In the meantime, instead of the current practice of moving a big diesel lorry slowly along the street, stopping, starting, sitting around with the engine running, how about parking the lorry at one end of the street with the engine off and using trolleys/handcarts to collect all the recycling from that street before turning the engine back on and moving to the next one?

I don't believe I have offered a perfect solution here, Maybe with a bit of refinement something might be workable... Food for thought anyway I hope.

Keep moving forward one step at a time,
All the best,


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