3 Reasons why we have problems with Global Warming?

1) Surface Volcanic activity
2) Volcanic activity on the ocean's bed, resulting in higher ocean temperatures
3) Sun

All natural...
Al Gore
Hilliary Clinton
Al Gore

Their version of global warming is only a political tool invented by them in order to gain more power and money.
The problem is that global warming is not the fact that some people say it is, or should I say that it not predominately man made that some say. Their are numeous scientists that are skeptical about global warming, but they are called "idiots or wackos". The UN report was mostly political not scientific. Why isnt the "great global warming swindle being" shown in schools? Why won't Al Gore debate scientists that are skeptical of his claims? Why won't Laurrie David?

In the 1970's the rage was global cooling and the earth was heading into an ice age. Now it is global warming.

Human causing global warming is not a fact and the debate is not over. Scientistist at MIT, University of Wisconsin, and many other climateologists are highly skeptical, and they know more than any of you and for that matter me.
To many people
To many vehicles
To much gas and oil consumption
The complete industry built up of the whole world is wrong which is sending millions of tons of CO and CO2 and the CFCs, secondly the deforestation, as denuding the forests and thirdly the Axe on the bio-diversity, all these coupled together really warms up the world!
Self Interest
1 greed of manufacturers to build early obsolescence into all their products

2 Shallowness of consumers to buy into that notion SO COMPLETELY
(especially those who dont even use HALF the buttons on their old phone but go and buy trhe latest one)

3 LACK of political backbone to resist lobby groups wishing to maintain status quo
global warming=not real
1, It gets too hot. 2. It gets two hot. 3. Itgetstohot
1. Riasing sea levels 2. Drought 3. Extinction of animal (polar bear, butterflys, exc.)

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