3 Reasons why we have problems with Global Warming?

The only problem I can think of is that the media keeps lying to the public about the seriousness and the cause of global warming. Global warming is a natural cycle. The Earth has been much warmer in the past, and that was before man was putting their relatively small amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. How do you explain that.
First problem is trying to believe that we are actually going through a period that is not natural, as the earth has been getting warmer ever since the last ice age.
Second problem, is that if the scientific world is right, and the cause is as stated, industrial pollution, then our problem is the United States refuses to take part in any solution that they themselves did not design.
Third problem, if as they say, it's a world wide problem caused as I said by industrial pollution, then the powers that be are willing to let one of the world largest industrial nations to slide by without being part of the solution, such as China and some of the other so-called third world countries. If indeed this is a world problem, then nobody should for any reason be immune from taking part to correct the problem.
These are strictly my thoughts on the subject, and I see no reason why our country should not abide by the majority world rule on this one, instead of contantly trying to bump heads with other nations.
We must listen to idiots like Gore, Pelozy, and H. Clinton

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