List at least 5 effects that climate change would have on Alberta.?

Arrange your list from the largest to the smallest effect, and explain how you decided on the order

migration of humans from flooded & desertified regions/countries - end of "civilisation" as we know it;

Flaura & fauna will move closer to the poles, increase in pests & disease and conflict with humans

agricultural insecurity, especially for mono-crop farms. and failure of global food trade as countries struggle to feed themselves.

Increase in extreme weather conditions, increase in erosion, drought, wlidfires & floods

"Poor" people (like canadians) who cause the least pollution will suffer the most, and the US and the religious bigots will use the social instability to rule the world.
Heating, people would ski in Florida in a few thousand years if global warming keeps up and we would be nice and warm ;). cloudier skies, in some areas there would be wind blown gases from all over the earth thus making us a little darker.There would be more rain, see above. change in soil, it would be a bit humider. Trees would look different, they would have to adapt.
you can see this because heating would affect all of the above.

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