Are the bees really dying off? Are cell phones to blame?

Recently, my Mother and I were talking. She asked me if I had seen any bees lately where I live. When I said no, she said Dad told her that he heard cell phones were causing the bees to die. Is it true?

That's not true at all. Some honey bees in the lower US are being killed off by larger bees, however even in these areas you would still see bees. Sometimes there's a lot some years there's a little. If one hive in your area was maybe killed when a old tree was cut down or something like that then there will be less bees. It is not because of cell phones, however there are other things that cell phones cause but killing bees are not one of them.
It's true that there has been some kind of problem causing lots of bees to die recently. It is NOT true that cell phones are causing it. Does that answer your question?
Are the bees really dying off? Yes, there are dwindling numbers of bees. Is it because of cellphones? I don't know for sure, but that is the current theory being discussed in the news and among bee enthusiasts right now.
Bees are disappearing, but not because of cell phones. The cell phone myth is the fault of a pair of reporters that either where too stupid or too greedy to write the truth.

Check out this great article about it from my friends over at The Straight Dope.
Good, I hate bees they sting.
I hope not... it would give enviromentalists something else to complain about ... I am doubting it is... but just wait... people make reasons for everything.

: )

There is probably a combination of things causing the die off, but the latest theory involves pesticides. There is probably a recent change in pesticide use for a particular roup of pesticide that is causing bees to die.
I personally think the bees are committing mass suicide. I think it's because they stood in line and still couldn't get an iPhone.
Cell phones is one of "the usual suspects" that was "taken in for questioning" by the pop news media. But cell phones talk via radio waves which have been around for a hundred years. I'm surprised its occurred to no one to even ask if Africanized Killer Bees might have something to do with it. At any rate the serious bee scientists are actually looking at a biological parasite as being the culprit.
Yes. No.
I believe some bees die when insecticide is used in large quantities to kill mosquitoes and other bugs in some communities.

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