Alienation from the environment?

I see a lot of concern here for 'green' issues. But I also see a lot of focus on issues too large and complex to be influenced by individuals in any meaningful way.

The problem, it seems to me, is a mindset involving helplessness, confusion, alienation from human history and the human condition until half a century ago.

I read somewhere recently that more than 90 percent of US citizens younger than 40 have never eaten meat from an animal they touched while it was alive.

That same 90 percent have never eaten a plant they picked, pulled from the ground, cultivated, nutured.

That 90 percent comprises a shocking deviation from the entire body of human experience. A gargantuan experiment in human alienation from the environment, history, previous culture, everything our ancestors expected from life.

And it comes wrapped in plastic.

Have you ever eaten anything you touched while it was alive?

Have you ever eaten a plant you planted and nurtured?

funnything I was saying that to my wife when we took the granddaughter for a walk in the local bush , I said how do they expect kids to relate to something they have no experiece of , you know all those over weight fat consuming molly coddled computer game players how can they even care how it is outside when it does not relate to their universe.
That was a very good question by the way I mean if people do not relate to something then why would they care environmentalism is an abstract idea to the majority of people so is any concept abut how the world works and those people who by the very nature of their upbringing are distanced from the actuality will generally not care less how they effect others try telling them they must consume less so others survive.
I believe that . I cant get my kids to grow a garden they would rather starve
What a discusting concept. Eat a plant that was once alive?
The whole basis of eating only plants is that they are not alive.
I may never eat again!! Chocolate must be OK right?
Yes, i've done both.
Yes i have raised both animals and plants for food
and touched both a lot whilst alive
i was instrumental in the creation of that life.
And they tasted the best

The Alienation from the Environment started with the bible
Christians have systematically alienated Man from Nature And they wage a war against Nature on all levels
Against unnatural sex which in reality is natural
They even go as far to suggest that their hero was made with out sex
Against natural instincts ,such as killing for defense
Telling people that we were created separate from Animals
Animals & plants have no feelings or soul

The wilderness was a gift of the god to be tamed and exploited for free
That witches lived in the Forrest so they must be cut down
That animals like snakes, wolves, lions, are evil
The god of Nature Pan was ridiculed and renamed Satan
And all over the world Christians have systematically wiped out indigenous populations under the excuse that they were pagan and only let them live if they converted .
They have destroyed all Natural cultures and gods of nature .
And the god promises his followers, that a place far more beautifull than Earth is waiting for them after they are dead .
So that these peoples focus is off the planet ,into oblivion,
instead of taking care of the place they ocupy.

What boggles the mind is that so many people believe this stuff ,but what can one expect from those who believe in talking animals¿¿
Pagans prefer to be alive in their paradise (Earth)

And now see what the Christian governments are planning with Nature, they want to wipe all of it out, in favor of mono cultures for the production of Ethanol;...

The biggest enemy of this planet and always has been is the Christian culture
No wonder people regard the leaders as transient Aliens who regard this planet as dispòsable

Here in Answer all of the people who admit that they dont care about the state of the planet and their behaviour and wont even considder behaving more friendly towards the Environment as well as straining at the bit ,to nuke the other side of the world --also admit that they are Christian
Jack P all green issues big or small need to be discussed and ideas challenged. I challenge you to quote your research or sources.

I live in the UK and am female aged 41. I grow and use both my own food: plants and poultry. I have hunted and regularly collect wild plants. I used to shoot and used the rabbits, but I can no longer break the rifle as I smashed my wrists in an accident. I am not sure I would want to anymore.

I can kill, gut, clean, pluck and butcher meat and cook it. I have been able to do so since childhood. Can you?

No I didn't grow up in the countryside and no I am a not a tomboy I am a very womanly woman and very amply curvaceous.

I understand your frustration and argument. It is too easy to buy a cling filmed packaged white meat without thinking and valuing the life that was extinguished to provide it. However, I think you are probably venting your spleen in the wrong Y/A section.
With all due respect, I think most important issues--"green" or any other color--can seem too large and complex for individuals to tackle. They are. That's why we have to work together.

You make some valid points. A recent book makes many of the same points in relation to the effects of children's disconnection from nature play (link below). A survey we did at university showed that many professionals in the environmental field believe the increasing alienation of people in general from "nature" is one of our biggest hurdles in solving a wide range of environmental problems.

To answer your actual questions, yes to both. (But I may not count because I'm over 40!) In fact, I hunted for a while, so that I could have complete participation in the putting of meat on my table. And I've done the whole thing from compost production to vegetable cooking--from which I can assure Gary K that plants definitely are alive!

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