And ideas how to make money from (and/or on) a small piece of land?

Define small as 2-5 acres.

Keep a half acre to one acre for yourself - put a house on it. The other 1 - 4 acres could be used for a small farm (vegetables, fruit trees, melons, etc. along with chickens for eggs) or an orchard only with several varieties of fruits and/or nuts. You could rent several small gardening plots to the community to have their own gardens - especially if you're near town where most people don't have room in their own yards. The fees would be for use of water and land. Or, you could build a couple other houses and rent them out. Personally, I'd go with the farm. More people would benefit in the long run.
Rent it or parts of it out.
sell it or build a small house on it and rent it out
Think outside the box.
Get planning for a Riding Stable and rent it or sell.
ditto A House or many houses
Rent it out for car boot sales
Get people to sponsor planting trees which you can get for nothing, for a tenner.
Once you start thinking you will find the best way.
Or just sell it to a speculator...preferably with a plan.
Depends on where your at. Grow sweet corn or watermelon any kind of vegetables that sell fast . Sell them in the big city people hear buy them like crazy
Grow plants of medinal value i.e. medicinal herbs. Can also go for growing exotic flowers that are commercially in demand and supplement it with bee-keeping and honey production. Details of what you can grow will depend on the type of soil and climate of the area.
Can you grow corn? According to the news today, prices are now higher because of the corn shortage. They looked at items like milk and cheese (pizza) and said that because the demand for corn is so high (ethanol for gasoline) the other areas that require corn such as dairy are also impacted.
Board livestock or horses for 4H/FFA clubs.
Grown organic veggies to sell at the farmers market.
Plant a u-pick berry patch.
Plant a small orchard and operate a fruit stand.
If you know a lot of people who like to eat eggs and would buy them from you, you could build a hen house and raise free-range hens. You could grow a small garden on the same land and the hens would keep the bugs down.

I have another idea that would make more money than that, but you'd have to hide it from the DEA.
I have a smaller piece of land and hope someone like Wallmart buys it.
if your land rent is high only you sale your land then you start finance this is better than others but be carefully
grow plants and sell them

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