Can i get some slogans on green Bangalore????

umm bangalore isn't that green anymore, is it?

well, there's the popular "clean and green bangalore"'s another one:

"Groves of trees
pure land and breeze
was what it used to be,
and then came man
with his axed hand
and envisioned all his plans,
where will we be?
where will we be ?
when all the greens are lost,
no color to see
no air to breathe
man's own haven bought."
Wear Bangalore Green!
How about "Green Bangalore, it will make you Snore", or
"Bangalore that is Green, Stick it in your Spleen", or, "Bangalore at the Door, See if it is Green, not Spore". Good ones, huh?
1. Bengaluru: Green, Going. Gone.

2. Once so green, lost its sheen, let's make it green again.
green bangalore clean bangalore
today's teen ....try to .make bangalore evergreen.....
Bangalore will not be green any more. They are cutting the trees on a fast pace.

May be "Gone Green Bangalore"

I wish they take steps to make it more green
let all bangalorians grow bonsai plants.
grow ! grow ! bonsai plants on terrace of all buildings !
atleast two bonasai plants must be given by the government along with the ration food to every family.

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