A protester demanded that our PM do something about climate change the question is was the protester insane i

Why do people think one man can alter climates on planets, why so much insanity. How can one person change the climate

Hang around here and you'll see plenty of that same insanity...and worse.

It's the government bureaucrat's dream: get the people to

demand that they want to be controlled
demand that money be taken away from them
demand that freedoms be stripped from them

while at the same time have an imaginary problem to solve with no accountability for success and no time limit to reach the "solution".
Al Gore can do anything. Just ask him.
Not so much as insane but perhaps hoping for leadership in 'doing' something about it: like getting rid of cars on the road that belch black smoke or blue smoke as soon as police sees it...slapping heavier fines to the industries that do not look after their waste products--if a company keeps breaking the law shut them down till a proper program is in place AFTER they clean up the mess they have created. I think perhaps that kind of 'demand'. He is only one person but he has people in place does he not to look into these issues and DO something about it? All it takes is to get the ball rolling. By the way, I am canadian so I know what you are talking about. OSHA, NIOSH and EPA need more 'teeth'.
Remember, the PM is tasked with leading the government. The government is like a freight train that needs tracks laid from here to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Once the tracks (policies and laws) are laid, the government is expected to act, and the businesses are expected to perform. That is how one person can affect climate change. Whether or not it happens is for the powers that eat the people. war is a racket. It is business as usual. Accept that as a given, and have a conscience? No wonder we drink too much, smoke and use drugs. Why be here any longer than absolutely necessary‚ąö
What's funny is that the people worried about climate changes are the ones who aren't thinking holistically. Since climate change has occurred throughout the earth's history, whether we can influence the climate or not, the question is, "how will we manage the changes that come?"

One way we should NOT manage it is to ruin our economies on short-sighted development-crippling knee-jerk reactions.

But perhaps a single person could change the climate. For example, factories aren't pumping out as much particulate matter these days. Those smokestacks used to contribute to blocking sunlight that is now heating us up more. So someone could repeal those laws and let the factories go back to fighting the natural increase in solar input that has been happening. But who would want us to do that?

(Gee, perhaps it's a little more complex than the protestors and the nightly news would want people to believe, eh?) Anyone who doesn't think global warming debate is political hasn't been in academia recently, where you can get lots of money to blame humans for global warming, but get the cold shoulder if you point out the natural causes.
its the ripple effect. one person does sometin then another prson does sometin. we all work together and b/c we all created this problem together we have to solve it together too.one person cant solve a problem of the world. but each of us has the smallest effect and when we work togetherthe effect is magnified
one cant but many governments can
and they apearantly want to make it worse not better http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...
so that the public can be railroaded in to globalisation when they are all panicking

so the isane person was insane because he asked the wrong man

besides it is mostly the public who now cause the negative elements that enhance or speed up global warming
be part of the solution not the problem

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