What kind of things could I do to help the environment?

I know there is stuff like recycling and donating to charity shops, but what else can I do. We have a compost heap. But I want to do more.

Stop cooking with a conventional oven, its the biggest source of waste heat in your home, use a microwave.

Stop using a clothes dryer, schedule laundry so you can let a days worth hang dry in a place set aside in a closet or the shower. Or get a clothesline if you have a backyard.
Buy less of what you normally buy. And buy locally. That way there is less products coming from far away. Instead of buying imported goods get the ones that are local grown or produced. This helps your own nations economy as well. Beaware of products you buy and their packaging. A lot of them are over packaged, chose the one with less. Sone people buy or make cloth bags instead of using plastic ones at the store. If you would rather not, see if you can get paper ones. They are great for using for other things after you are done and can also be recycled. Hope this gives you a few ideas. Good luck and Good health to you.
Your doing good already, just remember every action has a reaction.
The environment does not need your help. You are inconsequential to nature and it's processes. Focus your energy on helping your fellow human.

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