How many of you have watched BBC's "Great Global Warming Swindle?" What do u think about it?

I have watched it and think that Al Gore's "An Inconvenient truth" is just a propaganda..

We should not believe him what is happening today is a "man-made" global warming.. its not.. dont blame yourself for not having a prius or a hybrid!

what are your opinions about this?

Have you noticed that the people who believe in man made global warming are the same type of people who believe in a flat earth? Most educated people realize that man made global warming is a hoax. Al Gore could not get elected president of the USA so he thinks it will keep in the public view by jumping on the global warming bandwagon. Most hoaxes are harmless. Let me tell you something this one is not. It is costing society billions if not trillions of dollars. Can Al Gore sleep at night knowing that some child in a developing country died because of a lack of money for food? Please do your part to stop the madness. Call your gov't representative be it a congressman, senator or prime minister and let them know the truth. Do not vote for politicians who votew in favor of a hoax. We need officials who are educated and vote in the interest of those who elected them. This is urgent.
Also lets get the facts straight. Only 2% of the ice glaciers in both Antartica and the Artic are melting the other 98% of the glaciers are actually getting larger. That is the true fact. You can usually tell that someone does not believe in their own argument when they need to distort the facts.
NIce summing up of the alternative view point.

Of course the true believer will say that these scientists are finance by the evil corporations. But there is probably more money in the alarmist camp than in the denying camp, given that governments embrace the Global Warming panic.
The one thing that weights heavily is the melting ice sheets and glaciers. Those are facts.

Al Gore has related it to CO2.
The BBC say's it has nothing to do with CO2.

I am skeptical about these Sun Spots and Solar Activity both of which would have to take place for a long period of time.
And Though I am no expert. That guy critically acclaimed for predicting the weather, should be predicting all weather patterns. I see no mention of him as far as the weather is concerned. The weather is still unpredicitable.

Also, this is some small group. It does not compare to the overall global community.

I, myself, have to believe that human activity is contributing to global warming. Though, how much is met with much skepticism.

P.S. Live in LA or Denver or some other congested area and see if the smog does not bother you any. I hardly see that by not saving energy or using more efficient devices will hurt.

P.S.S. What about the Ozone Layer? Is that disputed as well?
Do CFC's not contribute to the depeletion of the ozone?
Should we just keep using them and let underdevolped countries use them as freely as they should?
I wouldn't get my information from either movie, but they are good for a start on finding the facts yourself and understanding the methodology of both sides.

Two points regarding global warming: It is in no way unprecidented and there is no 'consensus'.

The medieval warming period was just as warm and lasted longer, and there are thousands of scientists who don't buy the CO2 cause theory. There are just as many of them, they just aren't organized.
I think it is great. It has been very well received. Four out of five calls that channel four got were positive. Millions of people have seen it on the Internet. It is only a matter of time before a major U.S. station picks up on this theme and runs a documentary of its own, and this whole issue will be blown over in a couple of years.

Here is an interview with the producer of the documentary Martin Durkin as he responds to his critics.

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