Animals and money?

When I get bored I think about what I would do if I won the lottery. Can you think of any ways to help animals and the environment if you have millions of extra dollars sitting around? I've always figured on buying land to keep it forested and away from developers, but do you have any other ideas?

what you say is the best way
get land and secure it
start Eco tourism,with cabanas ,and a restaurant bar and class room,
to educate the public and to pay for the up keep to have a self sustainable and autosuficient situation

some relevant links ,and my apologies i may have repeated some things;...;...;...;...;...;...;...;...;...
I have the same idea PLUS using that money to build a theme park. sorry.
Donate it to Charity
Sell Earth Friendly clothes,cosmetics, household products, etc
Help invest in a earth friendly cause
Become a founder of a Charity
Start buying clothes ( hey why not ! you would be rich) that are more expensive but help a cause like Gap RED
Replace all your lightbulbs to flourescent
Build your OWN Environmental Company. Raise fund raisers. To get more money and plant trees on major quantities.Open up zoos to help Danger of extinction animals. Care for them. =]
ya well winning the lottery wont change it, if you dont do it now you wont do it when your wealthy, and you can, you just have to raise money, who knows God blesses those who help themselves and others via "God makes anything possible, you must have faith, and you can help the environment
If you won the lottery, I'd do what al gore would. Look you up, lie to you, and put a big chunk of your money in my bank account. Then buy me a Hummer, a big jet plane, and go on an extended vacation somewhere you couldn't find me.
And, like al gore, laugh at you all the way to the bank!

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