Are there enough trees?

If you think about it, we use a great many trees/tree products each day. Look around at your house; think of all the trees used in building just your home, in the packaging of what you buy, in your furniture, in the paper you use, etc., and then multiply it by millions of people per day. We use and throw away tree byproducts each day. Trees are renewable, however, they take decades to grow, and trees are cut down all the time to make room for more buildings - created with more trees. Tell me I'm not crazy for worrying about running out of trees!

Funny how many people keep mentioning trees being planted to replace the ones cut down, but hwo long does it take a tree to mature enough to be used for lumber? approximately 20-30 years. They aren't springing up over night. in 20 or 30 years there are far more trees being cut down than are maturing and ready to use.
there is a reason lumber prices keep increasing dramatically, and it isn't because we have an endless supply of trees. Those newly planted trees, aren't replacing the baitat lost from the older trees either.

Isn't it funny how land developers name housing projects after the things they destroyed to build them??
You aren't crazy Its true we do use a very large amount of tree products but when the amount we have is limited it will be replaced by human nature as the years go by trees will be mostly for the environment since computer and technology are advancing but lets just hope the trees can last till we need them solely for creating oxygen.
For the most part, wood production in the US & Canada is handled reponsibly. They replant as much as they cut down, creating a sustainable resource.

What you should be worried about is the slash & burn land clearing that is happening in the Amazon.
I don't think you're crazy for worrying about this, I was thinking about this the other day.
I'm not so worried about cutting down the trees for things like building houses out of them, because they grow them for that. I am very worried however about entire forests being cut down to build new cities, and complexes and everything like that, without being replaced with new trees and forests, because they are now gone forever, and given enough time they will keep cutting them down until there is not enough left
You are crazy. They can (and do) plant more. There is land management that keeps trees growing to replace the ones taken.
Yeah, there aren't enough tree... i don't think people plant a tree every they knock one down
Driving around my town the last few months has really made me disappointed. It seems like they are taking every little grove of trees and clearing them out for...ta da, more housing!
We really need to do a reality check concerning our population in relation to our resources.
These developers don't even try to work around SOME trees, they clear every last one of them. In spring time, too. All those bird nests and other just born wildlife being wiped out, or forced to go elsewhere.
not for long

And you are not crazy the people who say that dont know the facts they cant see further than their own backyard;...;...;...
there are never enough trees, but there are too many humans, I always wonder if this is part of Darwin's thoughts...(but I'm a hypocrite, because I don't want to die...I don't want anyone else to die...and I like computers). Still, Joyce Kilmer said it all.
A mixed wood of native trees provides habitats for a wide range of fauna and flora. Trees provide opportunities for recreation, shelter from wind and shade when planted in residential settings.

In mixed woodland trees help to rebuild the soil by leaf mulch and by root associates. Trees are also perfectly designed to act as mothers for young saplings. They provide shade and aerosol which enables the saplings to grow in a perfect environment. Trees recycle large amounts of water, store it to later re-disburse it when needed.

Trees affect the local micro climate. Removal of trees and forests means that the land is over illuminated. This means that the temperature gradient is no longer conducive to the absorption of cool rain. Try this simple experiment: Take some water from the fridge and try watering a dry pot plant. Then do the same with warm water and see what the difference is. You will notice that the warm water is absorbed more easily. Now if you put the pot plant in the fridge then try the experiment again you will find that the cooler water can now be absorbed more easily. So hot illuminated fields ie plowed and not shaded by woods do not absorb water as well. Leading to flooding, something many people have recently experienced.

The forests and pulp timber you describe which is used for packing, building etc is very different to naturally grown native forests. Habitat in these pulp timber forests does not support diverse fauna and flora as they are mono-cultures. It has now been recognized by the Forestry Commission that mono-cultures are no longer advisable and they have withdrawn their grant funding.

There are massive differences between the quality of the timbers themselves. Because naturally grown native timbers take a long time to grow the annual rings are close together. producing a hard tight timber. Whereas, pulp trees are quickly grown.

Trees sequester Carbon from the air and store it. It is not given up, as many people believe, when the tree is chopped down or decomposes. It will only do so if it is burnt. So this is an effective way of naturally storing excess carbon from the atmosphere. Why are governments in the UK allowing airlines to offset their carbon output by planting trees if they did not sequester carbon?

The native, naturally grown trees in mixed woods will grow for hundreds of years.

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