Would money be better if spended on Space exploration or Earth?

The benefits of himan spaceflights far outweigh the risks. But are they right? What about cost? Manned missions to space cost millions of dollars in tax money. Do you think space exploration should recieve more funding from the United States government in the future or would the money be better spent on earth?

here are some of my thoughts, (you can add on)

For space -
1) for finding life on space (a.k.a aliens lol)
2) curiousity, research
3) new resources
4)finding ways to live in the moon (or another planet or something just in case earth gets blown up)
5) we'll be behind other countries

For earth:
1) air/water pollution/ littering/trash/waste/ppl not recycling, etc.
2) animal extinction/habitat
3) traffic
4) poor/hungry/homeless
5) reduce global warming
6) for doctors/nurses finding new cures for diseases/cancers

My question : should money be spent on space exploration or Earth? (please no yes or no answers and tell me why)

Althought I think space exploration is important, more money should be spent on the Earth. Specifically, exploring the oceans.

I think there are many more useful things to find iin the deep depths of the ocean than in outer space.
we should try to save earth ,
because we can never make enough space craft to abandon ship(earth)if things go wrong.

and we should spend money on space exploration ,so that we maybe have an alternative ,if things go wrong

so the answer is we need both

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