Anyone else notice 90% of the "Environment" questions are about Global Warming?

Why are there so many questions harping on Al Gore's little fiction? Do people think they can make it true by babbling about it all the time?

Because it is the latest rage in propoganda! At least they are leaving guns alone for a change...

P.S. Did you know that Al Gore spent over $30,000 in electricity to heat his outdoor pool and power his pool house in 2006?!? That is just his pool house, not the main house or the guest house. But at least he is getting a few more miles per gallon in his hybrid SUV (on the way to getting his cheeseburgers). That'll change the world.
Evidently so.
People are afraid that it might have an ounce of legitimacy.
Forget Al Gore. He has absolutely nothing to do with the solid science that says global warming is real and mostly caused by us.

About 40 years ago, Man took over control of the climate from nature.

We need to give it back.

Even Republicans agree:

"Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich challenged fellow conservatives to stop resisting scientific evidence of global warming"

"Pat Robertson (very conservative Christian leader) "It is getting hotter and the ice caps are melting and there is a build up of carbon dioxide in the air. We really need to do something on fossil fuels.”

Good websites for more scientific information:
I think 90% of the environment questions are about global warming because too many celebrities and eminent people are endorsing a more "happy earth". but i think we should concentrate in other areas of the environment such as the rainforest. I agree with the poster who commented on this being a propaganda. my philosophy is, "anything a celebrity endorses has got to be phony" lol
I have an issue of "New Scientist" magazine from 1989. In it there are articles on global warming. This is not a recent issue. I was aware of it in the 1970s. It was predicted in 1896, yes 111 years ago.

Where was Al Gore then? Could it be that he picked up an existing issue and ran with it? Could it be that he did not invent it?

If you think it has anything to do with politics you are dead wrong. It has to do with chemistry and physics, not the arrant stupidities of US politics. Could it be that those who dismiss it are wishing to line their own pockets?
You gotta stamp out the little flames before a wildfire breaks out. The tinders of ignorance are dry and ripe for a flare-up.

Arsonist Gore is hard at work...
You are mad Global Warming is not an Invention of Al Gore
people were talking about it in the 60ties

In Europe we are not vulnerable to the same brainwashing's by the government and the church

And judging by most peoples spelling ,the people are on avarage more intelligent ,or have better sense of self preservation

you will find that most people in America agree with you
And it is getting boring to try and convince you guys.

I think we should just let the Americans get on with it
and wallow in their bliss.And Let Global Warming get you unprepared .

Its pathetic to realise that the world is gonna be ruled by you people ,when you have killed most of the others and installed you New World Order

Every year 150.000 people die related to Global Warming
,3500 people died in Europe In 2003
But because they were not Americans it is not Important to you people I know

3000 species of Animals became exstinct in the last 50;...
Farmers suffer croploss due to temperature changes (1 degree means already 10% croploss)

the perma frost on the tundras is melting
so are the Glaziers ,the North Pole , Greenland and great chunks of Antarctica have dropped into the sea

We are facing cronic water shortage ,and in India,China ,Africa and Mexico people are forced to drink contaminated water or die of thirst;...

The Sahara is grows 7 kilometers a year
Northern China is drying up and 2 mayor desserts are becoming one giant dessert;...

And now the production for Ethanol is gonna wipe out more forests and animals than anything ever has before;...

I very much doubt that you are interested in ecological behavior,you people are the biggest enemy this Planet has ever known;...
No. Exactly the reverse, in fact. The "doubters" are so ignorant of science they think trying to turn it into a political debate can change the scienctific facts.

The Catholic Church tried that 400 years ago with Galileo. Didn't work then--and never will. Facts don't change no matter how much some idiot wants them too.

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