Any coffee drinking environmentalists?

Do you make a point to drink shade grown coffee? Seems most coffee drinkers are not willing to switch over..why is this? Does the shade grown stuff really taste that bad? Is it hard to find? Why not switch?

True shade grown coffee can be very tough to find, in contrast to Fair Trade, which can be much easier to locate in your local grocery or coffee shop. Shade grown is also much more expensive than traditional coffee. Traditional, sun-grown coffee uses a large number of pesticides and chemical fertilizers which produces a far higher yield per acre. Shade grown coffee is free of these chemicals, resulting in a more natural coffee. The lack of chemicals also leaves the fertilization and pest control to natural methods, which makes for less efficient production (= higher cost). Shade grown coffee doesn't taste any better or worse than many sun grown varieties, it just takes a little getting used to, its just personal preference. I think the higher cost and general lack of knowledge leads to fewer people changing their coffee habits.
Shade grown coffee is usually more expensive then Folgers or Maxwell House or Nescafe (The Big 3) and is often of lower quality. Shade grown coffees are usually come from Co Ops (much like Fair Trade). Co- op coffee is always of mixed quality, so regardless of how much effort Farmer A puts into cultivating his coffee, he will get paid the same amount as Farmers B, C, and D who will spend more or less effort than Farmer A. The coffee from these farmers will be collected and mixed together and eventually sent to you.

Additionally, shade grown coffee is often not organic coffee. Many people would rather have chemical free coffee than shade grown. Furthermore shade grown coffee is a relatively small environmental/humanitarian movement in comparison to FT coffee or Global warming &c. The SG coffee movement is mostly spread through word of mouth. Publicity for this movement is virtually non existent.

Though it is possible to find coffee that is both bird friendly and certified under FT standards, these coffees are much more expensive. Ibis Triple Certified Coffee is $10.50/ 12 oz (3/4 lbs) when coffee you can pick up at Dunkin' Donuts is only $8/ lbs. Still, Ibis 3X coffee still doesn't guarantee quality. Why end up paying almost twice the price for ground coffee for an inferior blend?
i don't drink coffee.
Count me in. T4
We have a couple of different shade grown coffees at Starbucks. The price is the same and is pretty good. I would suggest the Serena Organic blend, which has some citrus notes in it.
Where can I find this stuff? Maybe Canada doesn't import it yet.
I'm no envirnomentalist, but I do drink a lot of coffee. I'm guessing the soy lattes from starbucks aren't shade grown?

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