♥ List of how many countries recycle and how many do not recycle? Thank you!?

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Could you please inform me of where I may find a list that shows how many countries recycle and how many countries do not recycle at all?

Try www.grrn.org/zerowaste/zw_worl...
this is a list of links to international sites



it's the website for an international recycling magazine and it says that 58 countries are involved. If you look through back copies of the magazine you may be able to find a list.
Well dear i think recycling is present in one form or other in most of the countries that may be at large scale or small scale.

Its really difficulty to find any such list and being confident on its reliability as most of the task in this sector is usually carried out by private organization and in case of developing countries like Pakistan it is carried out at very small scale but pay an effective role towards total solid waste managment.

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