How is the ozone layer created?

ozone is created by the sun

UV light reacts with O2 to form O3 the very thing that blocks the harmfull UV light from reaching us in bad qunatities..

this is why it's all about global warming and not the ozone layer like it was what like ten years ago....that was mostly a conspiracy by dow chemical that was about to loose it's patent on r-12 and wanted congress to ban it so it could release r-134 which it owned the rights to so the whole CFC thing was the tall order of the day for a while

truth is we couldn't destroy the ozone layer if we wanted to, it spontaniously reforms from the UV light and our atmosphere...

it's almost summer, go enjoy a tan, use sunblock though.
whn 3 atoms of oxygen combine then ozone is formed

Check out these links, they might be useful to you to know almost everything on ozone

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