Al gore has a site but no way to send messages to him, how can I contact Al Gore?

How can I send a message to Al Gore, Email or other wise ( snail mail)? johnny

To his spokesperson Kalee Kreider - kalee at carthagegroup dot com

Contact his Nashville office on 615-327-1323.

Send to his Nashville Office at 2100 West End Avenue Suite 620, Nashville, TN 37203
dirty and pollute the air.. i'm sure he'll come to you... haha that queer
Go to a Buhddist temple with alot of cash in a bag. This worked very well for some, during his vice presidency
The last I heard, he actually started taking telepathic messages. So just think really hard about him, it will work.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Not to start any rumours,but somebody looking alot like Al was last seen in the Antarctica trying to threaten the penquins into unnatural sweating for the sequel of his movie.Reportedly the birds held their ground however and the frustrated V.P. headed for a Bic lighter factory in China where he planned to hold talks with officials there trying to reduce the gas emissions from their product. The trip was cut short however when a delegate from the Flat Earth Society successfully warned Al the trip would be unsafe. Word has it he's now kayaking to Hudson Bay,Canada,where he will attempt to begin shaving the polar bears to protect them from the eminent heat wave
Don waste your time

political leadership is a Myth
this is where i

some of his sites
you have to have lots of money to donate to him, if you have it and let it be known you are willing to donate it to him, he will find you

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