Is anyone aware that GlobalWarmingMart is now open?

I have started a new business, Global Warming Mart, where you may buy Carbon Credits (they are mine, I don't use them, so they are for sale), Anti-Global Warming Oil, Green-Scented Candles, Global Warming Relief Pills, and
Anti-AlGore Spray with NEW IMPROVED Hilliary-proofing.

HAHAHAHA! I love it! Shows how ridiculous these carbon credits really are.I believe that Global Warming is just a diversion to keep us broke and controlled (through the EPA) and keep us busy chasing matters we cannot control, so we don't notice those who are busy working towards our demise in other matters that we SHOULD be concerned about.
Good joke.

Of course by good I mean dumb.

Yeah I can't believe you wasted your time coming up with that

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