2 years ago, algore said we have on 10 years left, now he says NOW we have 10 years left...what's up with that

shouldn't we have 8 years left?

Twenty year ago they were saying we had 10 years left.
Do not question the prophet.
Your small mind knows nothing of his predictions.
Trust in him and you will be saved.
Didn't you get the memo? Along with the new GW Alarmist "science", there is a new GW Alarmist "math".

Back to the books for you!

(I don't have the heart to mention GW Alarmist "economics"...)
Every time you replay "An Inconvient Truth" he says we have ten years left. Maybe if I put it in my DVD player and just put it on repeat, he will say we have ten years left forever and global warming will never get us.
Forget Al Gore. He has absolutely nothing to do with science. What he says or doesn't say, what he does or doesn't do, has no affect on the solid science that says global warming is real and mostly caused by us.

Because of the scientific data:

"There's a better scientific consensus on this [climate change] than on any issue I know... Global warming is almost a no-brainer at this point,You really can't find intelligent, quantitative arguments to make it go away."

Dr. Jerry Mahlman, NOAA

Good websites for more science:

"climate science from climate scientists"
In the late 80's they said we had only 20 years of oil left on the planet and coastal cities would be under water. 2 years ago they said there was a consensus of scientists that say we had 10 years left, but i guess they meant 12. And in the 80s maybe they meant 32.
When you make up stories to persuade others that you are intelligent and know what you are talking about, at some point, you will have to change your story to continue the hoax. It was a hoax 2 years ago and will be 100 years from now.

And congratulations! You have now openly demonstrated the fallacy in a theory that has no scientific basis.
His Chinese solar powered watch crapped out and he hasn't gotten it back yet.
dont believe everything you hear, see, or read especially from mainstream media you idiot.. because what makes him so powerful that he knows all answers to the future of global warming lol...
First of all, stop obsessing about Al Gore. Gore doesn't matter.

Do you seriously think the science is so precise that anybody can say that we have 10.4517 years to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to avert catastrophic climate change? How much do we have to reduce them by in those 10.4517 years?

This is a rough estimate. We have approximately a decade to make significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. We could wait longer, but we'll have to make bigger and faster reductions the longer we wait. Nobody knows exactly how long we have - some scientists think it's too late, others think we still have time, others think we have lots of time. The general consensus is that we have to start reducing our emissions soon - within roughly a decade.
al gore is an idiot and so are you for believing that sh*T
are you complaining ??
do you want less ?
You do know he used to smoke a LOT of pot.

Paranoia will destroy ya...

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