Anyone else terrified of moths?

I hate them to an extreme! They're always in my room during the summer. So at night i end sleeping completely under the covers and i end up sweating myself to sleep. Well, not exactly to sleep. I swear sometimes they are out to get me. I know it's stupid and weird, but i'm serious. And those flying beetles, man don't even get me started on those either!

My cousin is TERRIFIED of moths. She panics in the extreme when one is in the same room w/her. There's actually a word for this... I just can't remember what it is.

found it: Lepidopteraphobia
They're cute!
I like luna moths but the little ones are kinda creepy. I totally agree with you.
I absolutely hate moths!! They make my skin crawl!
I'm actually OK with them because I'm OK with butterflies. I also found out that quite of a few butterflies are brownish and look like moths - so just imagine they are butterflies because they might be!

Also, I found a luna moth a few years ago (the really large green ones) and it was beautiful.

Now those flying beetles - totally different story because they have spikes on their legs and I keep thinking they are going to get stuck in my hair. Plus my dog likes to play with them before he eats them and then he barfs them up all night! TOTALLY GROSS.

Spiders are the worst for me, however. I'd rather kiss a snake than look at a spider.
Try a mosquito net. It will keep all flying bugs out and let you sleep without hiding under the covers. Try the source or just google "mosquito net".
No - I find all insects fascinating
There is a way to control moths without using those sickening moth balls. At a home depot buy some cedar strips and put them around the home, especially in the closets. They are very effective and healthy to use. But not healthy for the moths.
As far as beetles are concerned, you might want to play some Beetle's music, namely "I Want To Hold Your Hand." That is one of the worst Beetle songs. Maybe the beetles won't like it either and leave.
Suck it up! The things that you should be afraid of are the mice under your bed and the monsters in your closet that only you can see.
hm. shauna this is kind of a weird question haha. but yeah idk moths don't scare me that much. how do they even get in your room?
but spiders scare me. i was swimming yesterday and there was one in my hair and i almost cried. it was terrrible. and i'm sure you've seen cassie and them chase me with daddy long leggers and stuff. you know im freaked out by them haha.
but you & your moths have fun. and im not even sure what you're talking about with flying beetles. well i kind of have an idea but i dunno. they sound gross.

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