Are there other ways prevent globa warming?

I was thinking will the world be better if pepole in places where they recieve lots of sunlight like in the desert will replace all there electricity and cars with solar power and places with lot water used hydro eletricity enstead of regular electricity which made with coal that is a nonrenewable resource that will take longer than a human lifespan to make?If this is a great idea tell me how I can get other people to notice this.

1) Buy CFC free refrigerators & air conditioners. They are the worst enemies for ozone layer.
2) Use public transport. If not, do car/bike pooling to save fuel and emit less carbon mono oxide which plays important role in global warming.
3) Switch off lights & fans when not needed. Use energy efficient bulbs/tube lights at home.
4) Use water economically for washing, bathing etc., Remember there are millions of people out there who don't have access to potable water. Even drops of water leaking from your tap could waste many litres of water per day.
5) Protect trees & plants around you. Plant more trees.
6) Lastly, educate people around you on the above and many other things that you have learnt to spread the awareness and protect the environment.
You are hardly the first one to come up with these ideas.The problems are mainly economic as well as the great distances involved. There have been experimental projects with solar power in Arizona but any cloud in the sky puts the project out of action and the amount of land required is extensive.Most of the available hydro sites in the US have been used although there are many places in South America which are suitable but again the problem is transportation.The only long term solution is population control.
Actually there are a lot of professionals in the climate change mitigation field. Almost all what you can think about has probably already been imagined.

The thing we really need now is the right political and economical frame to implement the measures.

And for this, the only thing I can recommend is to increase strongly the education in the scientifical field (and really "hard" science) since high schoolers are the people who are going to vote in a close future.
You can try by saving electricty. For examples, dont go on the computer as much in a day. If your not in a room, turn the light, tv, etc. off. Also, tell people to litter. You can be the first ones to prevent global worming!
yes , All extreme weather today is due to global warming.
Global warming means the hole in the layer of ozone .
We cannot fill the hole , but we can stop the hole to become big by growing more & more trees .
After I read a truly depressing National Geographic article about the destruction of rain forests in Brazil yesterday, I would suggest concentrating your efforts to deal with a situation thats out of anyones control.

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