Am I fortunate, spoiled or unfortunate?

I'm 25 years old male. I'm also physically challenged and weigh less than 100 pounds.

I've been searching for intimacy for approximately 10 consecutive years and haven't found that special one due to my handicap issues.

Anyway, I've not found a job and I have never worked throughout my life... I obtained my driver License couple years ago and then Mom bought me a brand new Toyota Camry. She pays for insurance costs as well. Last year or so I asked for a laptop, which my Mom generously bought... Last couple months ago I saw a lovely white gold chain that costs $1,499 USD, which I fell in love with, and Mom bought it for me. I then got my ears pierced, then Mom bought me a pair of real diamond earrings knob. Yeah, very expensive.

Last week I was telling her how much I would like to purchase a Macbook Pro, which she said I will get very soon. She always means what she says...

I help her a lot in life as well. I do all the things she asks of me.

Am I spoiled?

you are unlucky
and looked well after
which is fortunate
I think being spoiled has more to do with your attitude about receiving these gifts. Your mother sounds like a very generous person, and as long as you are thankful for the things she gives you and you don't take advantage of her, then you aren't spoiled.

I think you are very fortunate to have a mom that loves you so much she is willing to go out of her way to give you these things. Thank her often and make sure she knows how much she is appreciated, and that she means more to you than any of the gifts she gives.
You're only spoiled if you're mean to others. Sounds to me like you're fortunate.
It sounds like you appreciate what you have. Just remember to always thank your mom and never take her for granted.
Your mom just loves you alot. And you love her, by the sound of it. But you ARE twenty-five. It's time to stop depending on mom for everything.
I'd say if you can be doing more than you are but you are relying on your mom instead, then you are lazy. If you're lazy and your mom is having to sacrifice to buy you such things, then you're spoiled too. If neither of the above is true, then you're good - be thankful and let you mom know how much you love her. Just the fact that you are asking if you are spoiled is a good sign.
John you have told us a lot about your mum and very little about you. A person is worth so much more than what they can buy, their relationship status or their physical abilities. You can do amazing things if you want to. Without Stephen Hawking we would not have realised the necessity of unifying general relativity and quantum theory or know so much about black holes.

Congratulations on passing your driving test and gaining a license. That took, knowledge, determination and skills. You are obviously much more capable than you realise. Set yourself another challenge so that you can build on that pride you have in yourself.

I do not think you are spoiled but I do think your mum is overcompensating for your physical disabilities. Create your future for you. Then you can be really proud of yourself.
Sounds like you Mother is the best person to answer this question. Sit down with her and have an honest conversation about your question posted here.

She is very generous and you are fortunate. As a parent, I would appreciate a Son that was more economical. I'm sure a new Corolla or a used car could have met your needs. The jewelry and MacPro sound like luxury items. All of this may not be an issue if your Mother is financially capable of handling these expenses without adversely affecting her own finances.

I would imagine that your physical state is pretty normal to your Mother. In seeking intimacy, seek out people that also see you as normal. Maybe there are organizations in your area that have social events for people that are similarly challenged?

Finally, you seem like you have the potential for more. My own Mother is handicapped (blind) and after 20+ years of thinking that being productive was impossible, she found a handicapped training program and now manages a cafeteria. Hopefully, you too can find your future to be productive.

Are you spoiled: Only you can answer this. If your ability to meet people or develop yourself is hindered by a dependence on your Mother's...then maybe so. If not, then don't worry about it and enjoy.

I bet she likes her birthday and Mother's Day. Take care of her.
You sure are and your take advantage of your mothers wealth.Your mother is trying to make up for your physical challenge and you know this and are playing it.I am sorry about your disability but if you wont people to see you as others you must stop refereeing to it.You are a very lucky man that has a family that cares so much.You said in other postings you are in your 20s .Time to act it physically challenged or not.
well, you are stil very lucky. are you spoiled? well, does your mother buy these gifts out of pity? then if so, yes, you are. if she buys just because she loves u [or shes a shopaholic] then no your not. count yourself lucky that u come from a family that can afford that. if you really want to help someone then y dont u go and donate money [since u seem to have so much of it] to a charity. it could be worse [keep that in mind]. god bless.

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