How can work be measured?

Force x Distance
Michael Dino C gives a good scientific formula answer and source. With little context besides the area you posted in, that might be what you need. In case it isn't enough, you might also consider economic measurements of work, such as hours worked or items produced.

Both scientific and economic definitions leave out a key element of work, prioritization (unless decisions are counted as items) - what work should be done? Question back at you - is that part of work, or must it be answered before 'the real' work can begin?
By the amount of sweat you ring out of your clothes and into a bucket at the end of the day.
It can't! The world flows and everything on earth is made not to resemble any measurement! Things are owners of only them selves and can't not be truly owned under any other thing!

With that out of my system,.. I can know say, It's measured in the value of $$$ and time.
when you set out to do something and achieved some goals, you have performed work,
many answered your question in many different ways, all worked to answer your query but not every answer was to the point,but all answerers 'worked'

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