Would bathing with a friend be green living?

Anything that contributes to water conservation ultimately supports green living so yeah, shower with a friend and be a friend to the environment.
a great living
hell yer and good fun

wanna take a bath with me ;)

regards x kitti x
It would save water.
If you don't mind the exchange of bodily fluids...
Depends on how dirty you both are! It could be brown living.
Ooh... a new way to save water! I knew there was something to all that environmentalist stuff on tv.

Green living, people! Let's conserve water! :D
Hah! Hey give it a try...maybe she'll buy the idea.
yes ! but only with the same sex kind of friends ! if different sexes then more water would be wasted !
No, in my opinion. That is just a silly excuse to do something you already want to do for other reasons.
nice try sicko. nice try
get as many as will fit into the shower
and you will be very green

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