What are can be done to make a building 'green'?

I am looking for ideas on how to make our new school building more 'green'/eco-firendly/energy-sa... It is has not been designed yet so now is the time to get ideas together.

Use solar hot water heaters on the roofs of the buildings to heat water and install a large insulated tank to store the hot water.

This is far more cost effective than solar photovaltaic cells which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and produce very small amounts of electricity for the money spent.
Make sure the walls and ceilings are well insulated

Install solar panels on the roof to power your water heater.

Install a programmable thermostat to adjust the heating and cooling automatically.

Use compact flourcent bulbs.
I'd love to know too, I'll be watching your question. Jennifer
There are numerous ways to look at it, but it all depends on your budget. I recommend you explore some of the websites under the source list below. All the links provide wonderful suggestions, as well as links to other resources. The first link is an article on the USGBC website--about schools saving money by going green. USGBC is the United States Green Building Coalition. The Green Home site has a home improvement section which is equally helpful for a school. Again, depending on your budget, you can go all out green, or take a few steps at a time and be partially green. I applaud your consideration--good luck!
get a water heater jacket. it cuts down on energy usage. plant trees
energy efficient lightbulbs,
in the cafeteria, NO STYROFOAM! use paper plates
keep the computers off when the building is built
and have recycle bins in every class room, and in the lunch area, if kisd know how and when to use them, they will...
I did all this to my school... saved them a lot of moneyt on the bills...
Since it is in the design stages this is the perfect opportunity to suggest Solar panels, tankless water heaters, using reclaimed water to service the grounds, low flush toilets and optic controlled faucets. These items may be a lager outlay in the beginning but the reduced overhead over service will greatly outweigh the initial costs.
DONT use those new bulbs that have the mercury in them.
That could cause some serious problems.
Recycled flooring, energy efficient lighting, passive solar, recycled insulation, low e windows, energy star equipment and appliances if used.

Kim at: http://www.peaceful-organic-planet.com...
Start with an atrium in the center to develop a park-like setting where people can take breaks. Green plants will recycle the air. Solar power for energy.

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