Anyone else notice, that the utility company charges you $10-20?

a month for natural gas even if you don't use any? This might only be a thing that occurs with my utlility company, just realized this today, while looking at my utility bill.
Gas meter reading was the same as last month, but it still costed me $14.
No wonder utilities are a gold mine, now they are trying to make them into a get-rich quick scheme.

That is the "delivery charge" the cost of the pipes, meters, meter readers, etc. It covers the utilities fixed costs.

I still preferred when it was hidden in the bill. It should be pay as you use. You are supplementing big businesses that burn a lot of gas if you have to pay a delivery charge for not using a product.
You have to pay to have it available if you do want to use it. The gas company has expenses such as paying employees, line maintenance and they have to buy the gas from somewhere.
At my apartment I noticed the same thing, except it was 8.50 a month. Still, It adds up. I looked over my last years bills and realized that while due to my own conservation efforts my gas consumption has been zero for 12 months, they were still charging me the 8.50. So I emailed them up and was able to cancel my gas service.

There's your solution, cancel your gas service if you think you can really cut it out of your life for any extended period of time.
The charge is your privelege for having the service just like paying your $35 dollar phone bill even if you call no one.
They have to pay the guy to go read your meter.

They have to pay the maintenance costs to keep the lines in good shape

They have to pay their clerical staff to send you your bill.

If you want to not pay for months when you won't be using natural gas... yo can call up the utility company and have service turned off.

Then when you want service again... pay the connect fee...

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