How can we help tigers to escape from extinction?

First i would like to tell you that India which had more than a lac tigers has 1200-1800 left. in fact we would be lucky to have 1800 tigers.
Each body part of a tiger has a medicinal use. A single tiger commands for $50000 to $200000.
The big cat is a big business and we are losing the tiger's trail.
in india various initiatives are promoted, which include Project tiger. though theoratically they are very powerful, but are not brought in action. they should be properly inforced.
not only this,india should try to increase the number of tigers in captivity as China is doing.the aim is some 10000 tigers by 2020.
hope these prove helpful to the tigers
Everybody, and every government must take an active role in protection the beautiful beasts from poachers, deforestation, and pollution. Not one person can make a difference, but, as a whole, we can.
By getting governments to enforce the laws which are there to protect them. They are still poached and there habitats are still being destroyed. Also by encouraging breeding programmes in zoos and animal sanctuaries.
Donate your tax refund to The Wildlife Federation, Big Cat Rescue, or Tiger Haven. If we are to save tigers, snow leopards, jaguars and other beautiful big cats from extinction, including the Canadian Lynx and our own mountain lions here in the USA, we all have to pitch in and make it happen. I would hate to have my grand-children ask me, "Grandpa, what was a tiger?"
Sadly, we may not be able to save them. With the demands that the top species(humans) puts on the earth it seem unlikely.
I think our best bet is with science. Maybe we could genetically store the species cryogenically or some other way, we could bring them back at some future time, hopefully to a better world situation.

Make law as strict as it is for human beings.Whenever a man/woman kills someone and it is proved then punishment is either life long imprisonment or hanged till death.Similar provision should be made.This is the only way out to save the Tigers or any other species which are facing danger of extinction.
simple..stop the buying of tiger skins and the like and automatically since there will be no demand eventually will stop
Everyone is trying, but it looks like its not enough. Not many people are really interested in saving the tigers, as they feel the tigers do not help them in anyway. People have to be made aware that without tigers there will be no forest, and without forest there will be no water! It is also time the government involved the locals in conservation projects. If the locals are thrown out of the forest, they grow revengeful and use their vast knowledge of the forest to help poachers rather than to catch them. Laws have to be made more strict. 5 years in jail is not enough for a poacher. The sentence should be one of life imprisonment or even death. The tiger is the pride of the nation, we cannot sacrifice it at any cost. It is good to know that there are people who care what happens to tiger.
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