Advertising does not support environmental consciousness.?

Any points to support this statement??

The traditional view is that most ads urge us to buy and consume (and discard), and these activities are opposite to the environmental values of conserving resources and minimizing our ecological footprints.

For the most part, I think this is true. Think about ads for fast food, cars and trucks, beer, and drugs - the message is "Buy *my* product" and the goal really is buy and consume more.

Advertising companies will tell you that ads are about better *choices* in consumption that will already take place. People need food, after all, and the ads simply influence the consumer choice between Wendy's and MacDonalds. That's a pretty bogus argument.

But there are ads and ad campaigns that *are* about information, like the anti-smoking campaigns (inadequately funded) or ads introducing new products. How about the insert in my water bill from the county that tells me how to recycle paper, plastic, and cans -- Is that "advertising" or is that "information"? Then too, there are ads for services (Geico insurance) that don't involve any consumption of resources.

It seems to me that ads are simply a reflection of society. On the whole they encourage consumption, but there are exceptions, and there are even a few ads that directly target improving environmental consciousness. It depends on the purpose of the advertiser.
Well advertisments usually leads to more resource use that can be the one aspect to think that it doesnot increase environmental consiousness.

Advertisment develop urge to use that product that may or may not be environmental friendly.

Advertisment can make individual to ignore all together the environmental effects of a product by advertising other aspects in charming way.

Advertisments leads to time and electricty and other resource use that can be used for other beneficial tasks.
sure it does -- remember the Indian that had tears in his eyes when he saw the polluted river -- that helped get the Clean Water Act passed -- think b/4 you use ur mouth -- check ur sources -- nobody likes dirty air, or water, or anything that will impede there life -- you are the one that is limiting the environmental consciousness of the public -- because u cannot see what has happened in the past, present and will happen in the future due to education (advertisment) of the issues.

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