How is overpopulation effecting the environment?

Overpopulation causes the single biggest damage to our environment. If we don't fix the overpopulation problem, everything else will have no meaning. There are too many countries that have an exploding population, and that is causing us to use up resources too fast and causing too much pollution. There are countries that have achieved zero population growth, but are being flooded by those countries that aren't even trying to help. We are literally drowning in too many people, and it is an issue we need to address quickly if we are to have any hope for the future.
since there's more people, more resources are being used faster. oil consumption grows, trees are cut down for living space, etc, which hurts the planet.
Everybody on this Earth has a specific needs from the envirnoment: food, water, shelter, and waste. As more people are added to the equation, more use of the Earth. The question is, how many people can the Earth handle?
over population means, more dwelling space, more food, more energy, more industries. To compliment more forests are being destroyed. resulting in more damage to eco system and more pollution.
I agree with everything that has been said, but I believe its more of mass consumption through day to day advertising from capitalist markets. When I speak for myself and live in the suburbs and see all the trash overfilling the bins and go to bigger cities full of landfills, I think to myself as humans we don't know the concept of reusing or reducing but get so much happiness and feel acceptance when we consume everyday and buy more stuff.

Don't fell apathetic though people can change the world
Organize, spread awareness, make Captain Planet proud!
simple . more number of people are trying to acsess the ever dwindling natural resources which results in decreased forest cover,water shortages, mounting cost of energy, soil degradation, global warming, etc with attendant socio economic imbalances and geo political conflicts.

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over population results in destruction of forest and acuqiring
of land and results in the time

as due to this thier is no place to as every individual thinks of getting a big bunglow and they want it to have a great car and then an ownership this results in increase in greed and more over as the population increases their wil be increase in need of food
and then there is increase in the minds of people from village side people how come towards city to earn more and they leave thier primary job of vegetation this is leading to an increase in moving a time to time
After WWII, when the baby boomers were born, Earth supported about 2 billion people. Now, only 60 years later, Earth is struggling to support over 6 billion people. And that is expected to rise to 9 billion crowded, demanding people in another twenty-thirty years. Without knowing anything else about planet Earth, you have to know that the demands put on our planet by six to nine billion people are excessive.

Planet Earth has limited resources. We cannot and will not drain those resources forever. Something will stop it. If not mankind, Earth will put a stop to these excessive demands somehow. It does not bode well for the survival of our species.
overpopulation is the primary cause of all the world problems
polution,desertification,water... ,food shortage ,deforrestation,loss of animal habitat ,you name it

people use and need land,so more and more is being changed to accomodate human growth and devellopment

the necessary flora ,which permits life as we know it, is disappearing.

Eco-systems are being exchanged for desserts , concrete or roads.

An environmentally destructive wave is in motion, caused by expanding populations,and expanding agriculture

an increase in desserts definately affects the global climate and is for a large part responsible for the climate change we are experiencing now

World population has doubled in the last 50 years exceeding the growth of 4 million years (since we became homo sapiens).
To satisfy the growing demand farmers are cultivating unstable lands , too steep or dry to be sustainable.

Mono cultures ,aided by chemicals Exhaust and pollutes the soil .
Adding to this the effects of overgrazing has resulted in large scale desertification.

Each year billions of tons of topsoil are blown or washed away by storms.

Arable lands and their farms are lost all over the globe. Many farmers sons abandon farming and head for the cities. The farmers that are left have to feed some 70 million more people than the year before but with less topsoil.

Northern China is drying up, what once were millions of food producing people,

are now hungry refugees ,running for their lives from the all consuming dust storms.

This will have a great effect on world food prices when they start buying at what ever cost, to feed their people.

Over the last half century,
Population growth & rising incomes have tripled world grain demand from 640 million tons to 1,855 million

In the near future the global farming community will not be able to feed every body ,food prices will continue to rise. .

at a meeting in Kopenhagen in 1998 it was suggested to bring the world population down by 60%,one cannot help but wonder at how this would be archieved

population control in the past and present

War (past .present and future)
Natures way disease(today,past and future)
Manufactured disease(suspected today)
cures that kill(suspected today)
poisoned consumer goods (suspected today)
making children infertile or gay,by raising the PH level in drinking water or even drinks (suspected today)
birth control,(in the past the Olmecs women ate yams to make them infertile,today we have several methods but most reach only the educated ,i handed out condoms to an native Mazatecca comunity in oaxaca ,and the church retrieved them all )
education on birth control(not enough,again the poor regions are excluded )
laws that limit childbirth per family(China
human sacrifice,may be the best option (Mayas ,Aztecs,druids)
It is putting the pressure on and u will have some real global warming.
The intellectual powers that we enjoy has enabled us to make effective use of technology and thereby changed the environment. Technology is partly responsible for explosive population growth and responsible for the resulting damage to Earth's resources. The industrial revolution caused a rapid increase in the Population growth, as oil and gas fuels were exploited for our use. There is a clear link between the problems of global warming and overpopulation, as increases in CO2 levels follows growth in population. Presently, we have too many people on Earth, who are using technologies that are destructive for the Earth. We cannot continue to grow, and make use of limited natural resources.

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