What is your personal prognosis for the survival of man on this planet?

Add the discovery of "viral hemorrhagic septicema" in the waters of the Great Lakes to the ever-growing list of man's complete neglect of, and disrespect for his environment. The murderous legacy that we are leaving our children--it amounts to their own murder, let's not kid ourselves!! If we as a species do not start concentrating on the vital importance of the detoxification of our precious eco-systems, we won't even have a "carpet" to sweep anything under any more!
Is it SERIOUSLY more important for us to study the mating rituals of Brad and Angelina, as opposed to those of our remaining threatened and unthreatened species of life??! Are we so ignorant and so callous that we CONTINUE our one-way path to destruction?? Or will we fight side by side WITH ONE ANOTHER to combat the daily discovery of our ecologic atrocities??!

Teach your children well...

Umm... this seems more like a statement than a question.

Obviously it is more important to the majority of people to study the mating habits of Brangelina than worry about the environment. Otherwise you wouldn't even have to bring it up. Is it the smartest thing to be worried about? Probably not.

But if you consider the fact that China is just now ushering itself into it's industrial age, what would really be the point of Americans cleaning up their act? China has at least another 30 years of destroying the environment before it decides to think green. May as well keep an eye on how often Brad and Angie are hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing.

To really make a difference, there'd have to be some form of global policy that everyone would adhere to. Something tells me that isn't going to happen.

Prognosis: we're fuct.
my personal prediction is 100 percent , however I agree with your topic as a whole
I agree completely. The prognosis is very dim and I believe it is only going to become even more dire with time. Certain ways of life have already disappeared and more will come to a demise. Most people I know just feel helpless and throw up their hands and say what can I do? This seems to be the consensuses for everyone and everything I'm sorry to say.
That is nothing get serious if Iran starts a nuclear war it could kill half of us ,especially after we answer back . We may glow in the dark for a little while. These nuts are serious that u become a Muslim or die.
I will say only one the about ecology. I am 43. Man has been destroying so many acres of the rainforrests. I remember seeing the public service announcements on TV. The numbers ranged from the hundreds of thousands to the millions. Reportedly man does this damage each and every year. I was a young child when I saw this on TV, so my question is: Why do we STILL HAVE RAINFORRESTS? they should have disappeared years ago even taking into account nature's restoration. It is my opinion that we are often deliberately misinformed about the fate of the planet. Now I'm not saying ecology isnt important because it is but I feel that there are a lot of fearmongers out there and I think a lot of them are out just to make a buck at our expense

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