A realy realy realy cute picture?

look at this cute picture http://unaesthetic.net/stuff/panda.jpg... . Isn't it sweet?

Hehehe...Panda's are my favorite type of bear. I have seen them at a zoo in Korea before. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... freakin sweet!!
indeed its a cool panda:)
Oh man that is sooooo adorable! Too bad it doesn't know in my country *sob*

Alright. Gimme the 10 points =P
that is such a cuteeeeeeeeee panda sliding down tht snow slide it looks so happy and cute(plz vote me for best answer!!!!
SNOW??? I thought Global Warming was killing the earth. What is snow doing in this picture...It must be fake.
awww..... that is SUCH a cute picture!!! I love pandas!!! If you know where else to find such SWEET pictures, please inform me!!!

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