Which country would make a good landfill site?

only one country and that IRAQ. hopefully all the troops make it home safe!
iran, iraq, syria, and the list goes on
Anything ending in -stan.
Iraq or Iran
Probably Poland.
I heard they dropped an atom bomb on it and it caused £12 worth of damage.
France their full of sh!te !!
George W. Bush, is that you?
any in the middle east or ending in stan and for the hell of it lets do every cricket ground in India oppsssss I am kidding on that last one lol
Anything ending in -rance and begining with F...
I live in Michigan and we take in Canada's trash So I wish they could at least have their own landfills
The States.
Iran. If a nuclear device happened to go off, the sand would turn to glass, encapsulating the "trash".
I'm with the majority. If it ends with a stan or iran, thats the kiddie
where ever the terrorist live
Southeast Asia comes to my mind first. I could easily picture Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos about 10 feet deep in garbage without doing one thing to change the landscape or culture.

Alternate selections include Mexico, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, China and France.
Forget country; dump it on the nasty ghetto people who live next door to me.
All of those island nations that complain that GW will flood them out of existence. They would rapidly become mountains.
America of course .
Most of the people there ,dont care much for the planet ,and landfills are very popular there

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