A good way to dispose of ourselves after death?

I heard a guy on the radio arguing against current burial and creamtion practices on green grounds. With burial, we get embalming fluids in the ground and sooner or later space will be a problem. Cremation requires very high temperatures, so fossil fuels come into play. His suggestion: drill a vertical grave, no embalming fluids, cover and plant a tree over it.
carrying on the thought, I had to wonder how these graves would be administered. A cemetary full of tree-graves would address only part of the issue.
What about allowing people to be buried wherever they want? Back yard, for example. These tree-graves would then have the same legal protection as current graves and cemetaries for, let's say, 30 years. After that they would return to the status of any other piece of property. Perhaps they might be maintained by the public at large during this time, in order that we may be sure they are treated with the proper reverrence.

Any system that requires us to set aside land forever for reverential purposes will eventually mean that all land on earth would be set aside and not usable for food production, etc. So any sustainable system requires that graveyards not stay graveyards forever.

Similarly, if human bodies absorb nutrients (from food) and never return those nutrients as plant food, you again have a system that cannot be sustained indefinitely.

So, although at first it sounds unappealing, the only long-term solution is to ensure that human eventually decompose into fertilizer.

The idea of burying people and then planting a tree on top and eventually allowing the land to revert to non-graveyard uses is one of the few sustainable approaches.

(Note that most of us have mercury in our teeth (all those dental fillings!) and so you'd probably have to remove the fillings and any other highly toxic material before burying people.)

Yes, I myself would like my body to be allowed to decompose and thus renew life for some other living being. I do not want to take away anything (land or nutrients) from all future living things.
I am not into Green Living. I do think alot of this is common sense. But to me being buried instead of cremation is a religious thing. I believe when Jesus comes back to earth to get his followers the bible states the dead in Christ shall rise. How can you if your ashes.
Maybe that's what the ancient tree groves used as sacred sites was all about. But I disagree about cremation. There's no reason why you couldn't use wood, hydrogen, alcohol, or even concentrated sunlight to do the job. You don't NEED to use natural gas (the current energy source)

Bobby, you are dust, and to dust you shall return. There's no reason not to hurry the process. Especially considering that if God can resurrect 1st Century Christians, most of whose bones have already been destroyed, He can resurrect you from the ashes and ground bones left over from a cremation.
Besides, I'd REALLY rather not wake up with embalming fluid running through my veins!
There already are cemetaries in the world where people are buried standing up, it is not a new practice. Using a tree for a headstone is an interesting twist though.
Two words

Soylent Green
Yes I have heard the argument as well that cremating people is actually causing a lot of pollution as they need to get the kilns very hot and they often need to run it for several hours..
I think its great to have tree graves, there are some graves in our local graveyard that have trees growing out of them, I think its a better way to leave a mark than just a gravestone or a statue...
I always wondered why they dont make decomposable caskets and grow trees on the graves..
Would certainly be an eco-friendly way to go and would probably even sequester some of the carbon used for everyone to drive/fly to your funeral..
My stepmother cremated her cat. Dried the thing out for awhile before the fire in the back yard though. It went up in a pillar of flame and smoke.

Cremate me and use my ashes to fertilize a marijuana plant.
I would say lets try it with the guy on the radio today, I'll get a shovel, you get a hammer so you can crack his nutty skull and will plant him in al gores front yard, I assume the moron has at least 1 tree on his "green" estate that the tax payers pay for.
yes sure, in the back yard! But usually after someone dies, their house is sold by the remaining family, right? So who in their right mind would want to buy a house with uncle Harry burried in the back-yard, where kids are supposed to play and families to bbq?

The banks, insurance companies and appraisers would have a heart attack b/c of this! Imagine proparty values down the drain if people started burring people in the yards.

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