Animals in Asia and Australia?

Can someone please find 8 of these in Australia and Asia listed below:


Arthropods - Cockroach
Amphibians -Turtle
Mammals - Kangaroo
Birds - Seagull
Fish - Hammerhead Shark
Reptiles - Geko
Invertebrates - Funnel web spider
If you don't do the research behind your homework yourself, you won't learn as much. When you have tests and exams you will score poorly compared to someone who has gone out and done the homework properly. If you need help getting started, I suggest the following :
log on to (its just a search engine, use google or yahoo if you prefer)
do a search for australia arthropod and then pick an asian country, ie China, Vietnam, Thailand and do the same search again. The first website I got was crustaceans which are arthropods. This really isn't a hard assignment, do it to your best ability and I really hope you get an A :)

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